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Everyone knows they need a website, but did you know there are different kinds of websites? Our Greenwood web design team specializes in creating websites that generate leads, or Lead Gen sites. Our #1 goal is to increase your bottom line and increase your repeat business through your website design.

Portfolio vs Profit?

Some websites, such as portfolio websites, are not specifically designed to turn your web site visitors into customers. A portfolio website is more aimed at showing off the portfolio owner’s personal skill and what she can do. It’s a show-and-tell kind of site.

Unfortunately a lot of business owners end up spending a lot of money on a fancy portfolio-esque website design. You can spend a lot of money on a fancy looking website, but if it doesn’t bring in customers and actually make you money then what good is it?

Lead Gen Greenwood Web Design

There are many important elements to a great Lead Gen site, but today I want to talk about just a couple of them.: a Call To Action and an Irresistible Offer.

Call To Action

This is simple: you’re blatantly asking your website visitors to take a specific action. Sometimes it’s signing up for your email list, or filling out a contact form so you can follow up with them, or even just asking your visitors to give you a phone call.

These are all examples of a Call To Action, and a strong Call To Action is what is one of the important things that aren’t generally included in a portfolio website design.

Irresistible Offer

This is what you give your website visitor in exchange for whatever they’re giving to you during the Call To Action. The key is to make it something that is absolutely irresistible. Give them something they just can not pass up. Take a look at the following example from our design team for a solid Call To Action and Irresistible Offer.

Lead Gen Greenwood Web Design

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